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07/21/2017 - Joe Sermarini - Many thanks to Sandie Ostresh who has been the website manager for the last 10 years. She has helped to improve the site design as well as updating the data on the site. Karen Gagliano will be Taking over the position and has already made several creative suggestions to improve the site.
07/31/2016 - Gaetano V. Cavallaro R.Ph., M.D. - hello, the Heritage Committee has me giving a lecture on THE BIRTH AND ORIGIN OF ITALY, on September 7, 2016 at 7 PM at the club. This should be on the web site. I was told to talke to Sandi at Sandieo@EaerthLink.Net to no avail. Whom do I talk to? Please advise Gaetano--Ph1m2h3@aol.
03/03/2016 - Sandie Ostresh - I want to congratulate Jane on her article in the most recent LVF about the St. Joseph s Day Celebration. I was very interesting. If you haven t done so, take some time to read it.

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